Pattern Chaining bug .......

edited December 2015 in Troubleshooting
I've been setting up alot of pattern chaining and saving it with the pattern , but when I load the pattern the settings have often changed .

Any Ideas why ?


  • Does nobody else have this problem ?
  • Just built my LXR before Christmas and haven't gotten too fancy with it yet. Could you maybe be more specific about what exactly is changing? Is it reproducible or random? If you give more details I can try to do the same and see if mine does it too.
  • I set the first pattern to repeat 3 times then go to pattern 2 , then pattern 2 should play just 1 time before returning to pattern 1.
    The idea being that there are variations in the 16th bar.
    I made similar settings on patterns 3+4 etc........

    When I reload the pattern the settings have often changed.
  • Ya mine seems to do this too, but only if I load new patterns while one is already playing. If the unit is stopped then it seems to work fine.
  • Yes well , the point is to play live so would be great to get a fix for this.
    Also Patterns that are set to repeat 0 times and play themselves next seem to randomly change to return to p1.

    I was wondering if a save all would work but it's not practical to load all while playing.

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