Trigger IO use cases

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I've have a n00b question about the Trigger IO. Having never played with CV really before I'm wondering what the use cases are for it? I have the trig board and a Microbrute. As far as I understand it the LXR can send a clock signal for timing and a gate (5v pulse) signal for triggering notes. If I plug this into my brute does this mean every time the LXR plays a note it can trigger the Brute to play a note as well? Do we get some pitch signal for the brute as well?

Also I believe the gate can trigger the brute's sequencer so if I record a sequence I can get each note played in time with the drum notes.

Is that right? Are there any other use cases? The above results in the brute overlaying sound on top of my LXR sounds which seems a pretty limited use case in general.


  • Turn down the volume on the track clocking the Microbrute and it will be more fun. As you won't get "overlaying" sounds. ;)

    I use the LXR trigger expansion to send clocks and triggers to my modular. The triggers can switch signals, ping LPGs, trig envelopes, reset oscillators or sequencers, etc. 

    I rarely use the LXR for more than 2 or 3 sounds, which leaves me at least 3 channels of triggers as well as the clock-outputs. I find it rather brilliant in a midi synced studio with a modular.
  • Aaah, so you use an LXR track as a pure trigger track without the LXR producing sound. Now I get it. :)
  • same here. I use it to trigger an old drum brain or the modular.

    another thing you can do is use it to send clock to something with an arpeggiator like an sh-101 (or a brute), so instead of having the arp go to the next note every 16th note or whatever send it trigs on beat 1, 5, 10, and 13 (or whatever) and get odd rhythms happening. Using the trig out from the kick or hat track can also be fun that way

    or, if you want to get weird, use the trig outs as clock in to another drum machine or sequencer so it steps in an unusual manner.

    i don't use the internal sounds too often.
  • I use my lxr clock out to the external clock in on my sh101.
    Perfect sync.

    Quite the chain really. Midi from tr8 to xoxbox to lxr then midi out from that the my modular midi to clock module. And the trig out as above.

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    I sometimes also have a rather dirty sound produced by the LXR, send that to the modular and use the trigger for the same part to shape that sound.

    In a project I worked on two years ago, where we used different sensors including a pulse-beat one, I used the LXR to sync to a person's heart beat and then produced two clocks from that and various triggers for the two modulars we were using.
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