Shuffle on MIDI out

Is it possible to disable shuffle on the MIDI out, but still apply it to the LXR?
I love shuffling the LXR, but its my master clock and it shuffle everything else!
Many thanks


  • Is it not that it doesn't shuffle everything else and so the rest sounds out of time?

  • Thanks, but no. MIDI clock out is shuffled along with the LXR, I'd like the option to turn it off!
  • Ok , Me Too .......
  • Sorry to bump this but Julian/Brendan, can shuffle on output be disabled?
  • I love the shuffle on midi out - drives my tt303 in shuffle. Best thing ever!
  • Yeah, I can see its appeal. I was using the LXR as midi master, so all my programming after it was shuffled. I like shuffly drums with straight synth patterns.
    I've put it as a slave now, it would be great to disable it, maybe in the MIDI filters?
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