Voice FM, wav s0 value problem

Hello everyone,
I have a problem with the LXR:

When I go to edit wav in voice FM, from s0 value the sequencer crashes, forcing me to reboot.

Does anyone have this same problem? Is it fixable?

And a question:

There is a possibility to solder a power switch on lxr?

Thank you.


  • OK, I solved the problem on the voice wav: when LXR went to load the sample s0 crashed because the sample was too longraised the pitch and then shortened the champion, everything came back fine.

    The question remains whether it is possible to install a power button ;)

    Thank you.
  • Yes I had same problem when I select my 's17' in FM...sequencer stops and must reboot LXR. I thought about a wrong filename or ended sample memory...
    Do you know how can I indentify s17 sample in my sample folder? In which order LXR load samples?
  • I think samples get loaded in alphabetical order... but I'm not 100% sure.
  • It was the samples that are too long. Once pitched up and reloaded, everything is back to normal.
    And Yes, I finally added a power button. Thanx Julian for the help ;)
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