News about the LXR-OWL firmware :-)

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Dear all !
first of all, happy new year :-)

I wanted to inform you that I have migrated the LXR-OWL firmware with the latest LXR Official Firmware. It means that soon, I will publish LXR-OWL firmware based on Julien code -> V0.37 . I will publish the code by the end of the week.

Roadmap ?
- Next, few weeks after, I will probably update the FXs section : they are some strange behavior, I found the mistakes.
- And after, after, I want to grab the functions from another LXR Firmware that enables recording only one "instrument" on the SD card.. in order to make your own kits easily grabbing good instrument presets from one kit to another ... bla bla...

That's my plan !


  • I have published the LXR-OWL firmware to 0.37. the LXR-OWL firmware is now up to date, at the same level as Julian Version :-)

    Download it here:

  • Sounds great. I'm guessing this is firmware for the OWL programmably platform/pedal? Your website doesn't actually give any indication of what it is though.
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    Hello Mongrol :-)

    In fact, some of the FXs are coming from the OWL patches (the project PEDAL platform as you mentionned ! well guess !), but not all :-) I get also inspired by the website and some books, etc.

    I took certain effects from the OWL project, then migrate from C++ to C. I put all the licences and authors original names into the source code, the whole is GPL (normal as LXR is GPL and the OWL patches as well).

    I took the name OWL as I had not real other idea for a name and as the Fxs are a mix of several sources.. .I am not really explaining on my website that the LXR-OWL is OWL project .. it is not :-)

    Do you think the name LXR-OWL is not appropriate ? tell me, I don't mind to change :-)
    anyhow, I hope to have answer your quesiotn, otherwise, don't hesitate to tell me,

    talk to you soon !

  • Nice! Thanks for your work, much appreciated!
  • just a thought - what does your firmware do as i've never heard of owl ..
  • LXR-OWL is a good enough name. It just wasn't clear whether this was firmware for the LXR, or the OWL. :)
  • @re5etuk: Check the website ->
    you have all the links to the documentation, the differneces betwen the official release and my version, etc.

    You can also search on the forum : keyword "unofficial firmware".

  • Now I've actually had time to read this properly. It looks great! Will try it later in the week.
  • Dear all,
    I am writing you as I am not going to maintain anymore the LXR-OWL firmware.

    I have too much work on my other musical projects (M4L plugins --
    I am really sorry about that.
    Enjoy and take care.

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