Liveset with LXR , Shruthi and Electribe Sampler 2

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Here's my first recording of a Machines only live jam - with LXR , Shruthi and Electribe Sampler 2.

Let me know if anyones interested in patches ......


  • Oh youah very nice , I recognize the sound color of the electobre ;-) I have one ;-)
    nice work ! really happyness ! thanks man !

    can you put on the forum your LXR patches ? would be lovely !!!!
  • Thanks Egnouf

    I'll do a bit of fine tuning and post some patches soon .

  • A great drum machine for a great sounds maker.
    Very nice, Ixindamix!
  • I have doing a lot of Rave where Ixindamix play ... it was

  • Amazing ;)

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