Getting error message after inserting SD card.

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A quick bit of history. This is a freshly built unit, and I'm very experienced at building electronic kits, assembling at least 75 in the past 5 years.  I purchased a brand new SD card, formatted it to fat32 which is the default on both my PC and laptop, running windows 10. After downloading the factory SD card image I extracted all the files and inserted the card into the LXR. When I powered it up , the LCD flashes twice quickly like it's booting then the screen says KIT READ ERROR. I even tried 2 different cards but with the same error message. Everything on the synth, such as lights, buttons and knobs all seem to be working perfectly, but NO sound which makes sense since reading that error message. I downloaded the files and reformatted several times, and thinking maybe I'm just crazy I had my wife try it since she works with computers all day, yet for a day and a half I'm getting the same message, and I'm about ready to toss the unit out the window or just jump out myself. I would certainly appreciate any help on this matter. I did send Julian an email but I know he's a very busy guy. Thanks in advance for your kindness. Danny.


  • This sounds like a problem with your SD card.
    Which capacity your SD cards have?
    I buyed a fresh 16GB SDHC card and it was not working in the LXR.
    After that I buyed a Sandisc 2GB SD and this card works excellent.
    It's an good idea to use old SD cards with the LXR, which are below 2 GB.
    There are some problems with modern SDHC cards.
    See this thread:

    I hope this helps!
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    Thanks for the tip Mobius. I did buy a new Sandisc 32 Gig, and when I saw the Kit Read Error, I tried a smaller 2 gig card from a trap camera which I knew worked. I then went to a 3rd card taken from my wife's camera and still that frustrating result. I'll keep messing with the older cards and hopefully I'll finally get to hear my new machine. If you were to just look at the unit while it was running you would never think that there was an issue. All the lights flash, and the buttons and knobs respond, including the encoder. I went over every solder joint with a high power magnifying glass and it looks like a robot built this thing. I'll post back when I've tried other cards again.
  • Well, it's now officially a week and my brand new LXR has yet to function and I'm losing my mind. I have now tried a 2, 4, 8, and 32 Gig SD cards, and the screen says the same thing- Kit Read Error, and with the 8 it also says INIT error, so at least it looks a little different. I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever have this thing working. To kill time  while I'm waiting for Julian to get back to me, I decided to build two solid wooden cases to house my LXR and x0xbox, so while it might not work at least it's not getting dusty :-) If anybody has any other suggestions out there I'm willing to give it a shot. I'm dying to play this unit. When it's running it looks amazing, all the lights light up and you can go through endless control functions while reading the LCD, and you would swear that this machine is perfect, just NO sound. I'm sorry for venting. I can normally fix anything that's broken but when I can't it drives me mad. 
  • Mmmh, the cards are formated with FAT32, right?
    Could you do a firmware update using one of these cards?
    Sometimes reloading the firmware helps and we could see if the LXR can read from the card.

  • Updating the firmware was my last thought actually. I've never updated any firmware before, but as I said I'm willing to try anything. I'll give that a try today and hopefully I can post a happy response the next time I come back to the forum. Thanks again Mobius, I really do appreciate your help.
  • Hello Mobius, or anybody else that might be reading this. I tried to update the firmware but I got the same result, not good! This time however, it only said SD card problem. I tried it with 3 other cards all with the same frustrating results. I'm beginning to wonder if the main board that houses the SD card reader is messed up, I'm sure stranger things have happend. The board did arrive with one broken off capacitor. It actually tore the solder trace off the board. Julian said I could solder on a full size cap until he could send me a new board, but he said it was only a smoothing cap and shouldn't affect the LXR. He doesn't know the troubles I'm having but I'm sure he will when he reads my email. It's nothing against Julian, he offered to send me a new board without question. I certainly hope it doesn't take me much longer to get my new toy up and playing, I don't know how much more of this frustration I can handle, and I'm a very patient guy. Cheers to all.
  • I am sorry to hear that.
    But I think in this case it would be the best to send the mainboard to Julian for checking it.
    I hope you can contact him soon.

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