LXR mettle or iqrilic case which one is best?

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hey all, for thoughs of you who don't know me i'm trey from the uk and i'm totally blind. 

I've had my heart set on an LXR for quite some time now i'm going to get a trusted builder to build one for me.  

I have some questions about cases. Firstly which case is better mettle or iqrilic and why? 

Secondly how strong are the iqrilic cases? Also what's the situation with the availblemty of the mettle cases? 

also even though i'm totally blind I will have some sited help to learn the LXR when i first get it so what's the best colour scheam to enable some one with site to be able to reed the front panel controls easily? 

your help with these questions would be most welcome kind regards trey.


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    Hey Trey,

    as Julian is currently pretty busy with preparations for the synthesizer fair in Berlin, I'll try to answer your questions the best I can.

    For mainly usage at home I'd say an acrylic case is perfectly fine. If you want to transport it a lot a metal case might be a bit more robust.

    The colour scheme on the acrylic enclosure is white on black background and on the metal enclosure it's a light green on black background. Both are good to read.

    Another thing is, that the metal enclosures are sold out at the moment and we don't have a date for a new batch so far but it might take a while as Adrian, who is building the metal cases, is experiencing some problems.

    Last week Bastl Instruments published a teaser video on youtube for a new expander for the LXR which will be able to, as I see it, control the LXR with most of it's parameters via 60 knobs. Here's what they wrote about it:
    "Yo! This is a teaser for new programmer/expander developed by Bastl Instruments collective. It´s called SixtyKnobs and serves as an expansion module for incredibly powerful LXR drummachine from independent diy synth manufacturer Sonic Potions. It has sixty knobs and it lets you to program most of LXR´s parameters on the fly. It's great for quick editing and jamming. It truly unleashes the beast hidden in the LXR´s synth engine!

    Pricing and availability will be announced in early summer 2016.


    It might be easier to handle than the LXR itself. You wouldn't need to remember all the knob combinations for each parameter. Unfortunately we don't have more info than the video yet but this might be an option for you as well.

    Hope I could help you out,
  • thank you sorry for the very late reply, this was very helpful do we know any more about 60 knobs?
  • Btw the letters under the knobs of the acrylic case are engraved (sink) so it could help you to find your right knob. Would this help?
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