LXR menu navigation?

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hi all, i'm trey from the uk and i'm totally blind. 

I have some questions about menu navigation on the LXR drum machine. 

Firstly what controls are used to navigate menus and are these controls smooth tearning or do they click under your fingers? 
Secondly if they are smooth tearning could they be replaced by controls that click? 
Do the menus on the LXR rap around? 
What functions and features of the LXR are controlled buy menus? 

How essential are menus to the use of the LXR? 

your help with these questions would be most welcome :) kind regards trey.


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    All the value-changing operations on the LXR can be done with the encoder, the knob at the top of the machine, which is the type that has a little 'click' or detent that you can feel at each value change. The 4 potentiometers are really just shortcuts. All the menus can be accessed by a known number of button presses or by the encoder.

    There are a lot of menu pages. There are 76 pages of 4 (or less) values just for the voice parameters, but you can get to every parameter with a given number of button presses and encoder turns. For example, pressing 'voice', 'drum1','filter', turning the encoder two clicks clockwise and pressing it in will always let you change the filter type of the kick drum, whatever menu you might be on. None of the menus value-wrap.

    That said, I get really frustrated sometimes with the button quality on the LXR sometimes. It uses e-switch brand tactile switches that are ... less than the highest quality available. Some of mine double-register occasionally or take a few presses to register. YMMV. If I had a month sabbatical and a chunk of spare change, I'd re-design the front panel to take cherry mx keys or something similar.

    Hope that helps!
  • Hey man thanks for your reply :-)
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