Knobs are sometimes not responsive.

Hi guys, 

I've been using my LXR for a while and really like it. However, I had a strange problem since the beginning. Sometimes when I want to move a parameter through a knob it  won't respond and to fix it I need to move one of the knobs next to it. 

I would appreciate any help because at the moment programming my LXR fast is nearly impossible because every 2-3 pages I browse the problem occurs. 


  • same here...
    I got used to it and hope for the 60 Knobs controller from Bastl.

    Until now I have not figured out why it runs smooth and then stops to respond immediatly.
    I have this in the latest original firmware as well as with the brendanclark enhanced version.

  • Thanks for the input. Yes I got somewhat used to it but it's a pain when operating the LXR in a more "live" aesthetic, suddenly your performance breaks and you need to turn other knobs in order to get back to it :( 

    I also installed the brendanclark firmware and it didn't help. As a matter of fact now my LXR starts drifting after 5 seconds of midi sync with DAW. 
  • Yeah I get that sometimes. When I do I just use the encoder.
  • Same to me..When it happens I just use the encoder :(
  • I can't remember, does the LXR use a multiplexer for the analog inputs?  That may have something to do with it.
  • It does not - the knobs are connected directly to ADC channels on the atmega.

    I've never experienced anything like this... are you by any chance using the knobs in 'pickup' ('latch', 'snap', i forget what its called) mode - where the parameter only changes after you sweep the knob through the current value?
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