Getting a click on the BD when triggering with MIDI

Hey so I never noticed this issue before because I almost always use the internal sequencer but I was sequencing the LXR using my DAW today in order to write a longer song and I noticed that no matter which drum machine I was in I got a rather nasty click on the bass drum track a few milliseconds after the note starts.  I fixed the problem temporarily by making the bass drum very short and punchy but this is by no means a permanent solution.  The weirdest thing about it is that I only have this problem on the bass drum.

I'm currently running the Brendan Clarke firmware so I will return to the stock firmware and double check that this is still an issue but I thought that I would start a thread in case anyone else had this issue.  I couldn't find anything using the search function (or using Google to search the forum).


  • Any more info on this? I never trigger with external midi so it's possible I missed something. Is the timing of the note-off affecting this? IE - if you change the length of the MIDI note, does the click change?
  • Hey Brendan, I just finished moving so I haven't had the time to double check this.  FInally got my synths out of storage so I will have an update soon ;).
  • Is the click still there if you set the filter on the channel to off?
  • Sorry for the delay, finally had some time to sit with the drum machine and test things again.  I can confirm that the click still happens on the normal firmware but it seemed a little different?  I couldn't really put my finger on it.  The click also happens with the filter channel set to off.  However I am noticing a faint beep/ buzzing sound whenever I update a parameter, such as when I turn the encoder, knob or push a button, so there may very well be other problems with my unit that are just surfacing now.
  • I get this too! Exact same as windspirit. I'm running BC's firmware and driving from a MidiboxSEQ. Only noticed on Bass Drum and just ignored it since I'm more concentrating on learning my MB than what it sounds like. It is an issue though. How to bug test? Why would it be different from external?
  • Note: The LXR is pretty dodgy from external. I have to drive it with clock filtered out by another box. Even if I set the LXR to filter out clock, any clock present on the socket will cause it to only play about 1 note a second.
  • I think you need to change the clock resolution to change that.  FYI I drive my LXR from an external analogue clock fairly often and it never causes the click issue.
  • Sorry, I wasn't inferring that the click issue is related to the external clock. Merely pointing out there are other bugs related to external sequencing.
  • Any updates on this? Julian?

    I'm back song writing with my Midibox and that click is just bloody annoying.
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