Driving LXR from External Sequencer

edited April 2016 in Troubleshooting
Has anyone had any success driving the LXR from an External Sequencer? I have a Midibox and no matter what I do get very odd behaviour. With the LXR and all voices set to channel 10. The voice notes are set to 2 octaves to avoid a bug and play a voice. I set gates on my Midibox and it only plays 1 note or 2 notes per bar. It'll never play 2 notes simulateously across all voices. One note will only ever play and only if the gate has closed on any other voices.

I've tested the sequencer against my piano (64 poly) and a Microbrute. Both played perfectly.

I also notice the LXR won't save the voice midi channel on voices 2-7, only Drum1 gets saved with the kit.

Very broken.


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