Noob, about to embark on a build...

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Hello folks, 

I'm Luke and I'll likely to asking a few questions here and there as I'm about to build my LXR.

I have bought an acrylic case for it as there were no metal enclosures available but I wanted to ask, before I trawl through all of the threads on here, does anybody have any alternative CAD designs for aluminium cases? Or any CAD designs that differ from the acrylic case layout in the wiki?  My university has the facility to machine enclosures and I figured I should take advantage of it.

I'm a bit scared I'll trash the acrylic case over time, even if it is flightcased with my other synths.

This is my first major build, but as a Sound Design student, I understand the basic concepts, and as a guitarist, I'm pretty steady with my hands so hopefully, I wont be back here in a week or two crying about how I've completely screwed it up!


  • There is no ready to manufacture cad drawing of metal enclosures that I have.
    They are all made by 3rd parties.

    The position files for the holes etc are available in the wiki as DXF and hgpl.
    So making a custom frontpanel out of metal should be feasable.

    I got some additional acrylic case files from altitude the other day that I'm going to put up in the wiki when I find the time.
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    Thanks Julian,

    I think I'll probably look to get one similar to the acrylic case made up in aluminium in a couple of months when I'm using the LXR for shows...

    Another question to anybody who cares to help me out with this... SD cards. I have a 16gb Samsung card I'm struggling to format to work with the LXR. I thought I had converted it to FAT32 but it doesn't actualy seem as though that's an option with OSX. Any advice? Once I've resolved that, and fixed the LEDs on 9-14 (bent IC pin I think), this'll be complete. All in all, about 8 hours work and no massive catastrophic errors.

    Hooray for easy to follow instructions!
  • I enjoyed the build very much. Awesome PCB board.
  • I'm struggling a bit now though... I resolved the bent leg issue with the IC so all LEDs are coming on, but now I'm not getting any response from the display.

    I was pretty sure I'd got through all this almost error free but now, inserting the replacement SD card (and having fitted the remaining caps), I have an exciting new problem!

    Any clues as to what to check first re: Display? It was firing up fine last night, I've not removed the main board or display and so I can't really think what the issue might be.
  • (Noticed some comments in another thread about PSU's and the display. Didn't realise what I was using was a 2.5mm so I'll grab me a 2.1mm tomorrow and test again.
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