Altitudes acrylic design files in the wiki now

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I finally found the time to publish the acrylic enclosure files Altitude send me. Thanks a lot!
They can be found in the wiki now


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    Think you are missing one (No Window P2)

    Just in case my labeling is cryptic (it makes sense in my head, no necessarily to anyone else)

    LXR_windows.eps:  P1 size with snap in windows for the opaque cases.  You can use clear or tinted plexi (I like the gray tint, dark)

    LXR window P2.eps: Opaque material, cutouts for window and LEDs, NO trigger extention
    LXR window P2 trigger outs.eps: Same as above with trigger outs

    LXR No window P2.eps: transparent material, no windows or cutouts
    LXR No window P2 trigger out.eps: Same as above with the trigger outs

    All the cases are provisioned for a power switch: Cherry PRK22J5DBBNN
    (mouser PN 540-PRK22J5DBBNN)

    Graphics were inspired by shiftrs cases, so thanks go to him for the styling
  • okay added the missing one and your description
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