bits and pieces for sale

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I'm finally cleaning up the workshop a little bit and have different bits and pieces for sale...
so far only placeholder images. I'll update them with actual images from my stuff when I finished cleaning up and collecting what has to go...

Xoxbox PacTec PT-10 plastic case, black, with Roland style frontpanel from xoxshop. (ONLY ENCLOSURE AND PANELS!!!)
No idea what I paid back then... asking the wayback machine it says PT-10 was 29,- and the aluminum front 30,- + backpanel  15,- => 75
I think I would let it all go for 50,-€

Turing machine acrylic panel set "spirograph" inlayd with whithe paint... (ONLY THE PANELS!) 10,-€

Doepfer A-190-2 Midi2Cv  I guess 90,-€

I'll keep this thread updated while I continue going through the moving boxes. Maybe I'll find more that is just coillecting dust here ;)


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