[Metal Enclosure] Silkscreen error

edited April 2016 in Troubleshooting
not sure this has'nt been notified but I noticed that on my metal enclosure the silkscreen printings are not coherent between the back panel (mine is w/ extension) and the front panel.

On by box, the midi I/O and L1 R1 and L2 R2 are all inversed: the midi "IN" on the front corresponds to the "OUT" on the back (and vice versa), L1 is R1 etc...

not a big issue, but it had to be mentionned :)

have a nice chakalakapoumtchack


  • So the correct silkscreen is the front panel one, the trigger IO backpanel have inversed midi I/O and audio out Lx/Rx
  • i think this is a known issue with 1st batch but the enclosure thread is long and may be a little tricky to find this detail in.

    new batch is fixed , i think...
  • Hi rusty. Mine is the same I believe. It was a known issue with the first batch.
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