Lxr sound problem

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Lxr seems ok led display buttons etc but no sound....But if I unplug the jacks sequenzer stop running and Now if I put the steps all works right...I try to disconnet the mainboard and power the machine then i connet the Mainboard and if I put the steps i have a sound.
Sd card works and save pattern but any sound.
What's The problems?
I don't understand what i can do?
What i can do wrong?
Help me Please
P.s. Julian you are so busy...But I send the lxr and i pay all repair and shipping cost...I 've try to send several email...help me this machine is so great but this situation is frustrating....thanks
Excuse me for bad English


  • All you can do is looking for bad solders, for forgotten solders!, Checking the IC's, right directions etc. Sorry I'm not an expert. But this is what you should check first! Hope you'll get it done soon!
  • I guess the problem is pin NRST in the mainboard but i don't know to solve it....
  • I have not a beep multimeter...is this a solutions to check Short?
  • For checking shorts you can use every open circuit with some thing to show if a current is flowing.
    Just try to keep the voltage as low as possible. Maybe a LED or something else. :)
    I hope this helps!
  • I don't understand where the NRST trace have Short or problems...or how i ve to check it
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