Second Row of Display Disappears.

When I start up the LXR the second row often disappears from the display making it impossible to change pattern or do much .
The only way I can get it back is to switch it off and on again .

It normally seems to sort itself out after it's warmed up a bit but still makes things very stressful when setting up to play live .


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    This sounds like a cold solder blob. I would give a try to reheat all corresponding solder blobs of the display (top and bottom) and maybe the Atmel CPU socket. But if you try to resolder the CPU socket of the Atmel then do yourself the favor and remove the chip first. They don't like much heat. And check that the CPU sits tight in the socket !
  • Thats way out of my league but thanks for the advice ......
  • Reheating of the solder points belonging to the second row of the display should do the job.
    Make shure that all solder flux is gone and that there is a visible connection between the pin of the display and the solder pad of the LXR.
    Wish you the best!
  • Ok , thats good to know , is there anyone in Berlin who could do this for me ? I can pay for the work obviously.
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