WTB (europe) : Trigger IO (pcb,kit or mounted) + acrilyc backpanel

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Hello Everyone;

I'm slowly getting into Eurorack and would like to beef up my LXR.
I know i could get it from the shop but I'm wondering if someone has an analog extension left in a drawer.




  • Hi! I have a trigger io + back panel that I don't ever seem to use. But it's been modified to not have the grounds connected. There is a significant issue with noise if you use the trigger io and audio up at the same time. High pitched ground loop. It seems to be a common issue with the trigger io. See this thread: http://forum.sonic-potions.com/discussion/405/lxr-output-noiseinterference#Item_38. Disconnecting the trigger grounds solves this, but then of course their ground needs to come through the audio ground (e.g. both audio and triggers are connected to the same modular system without a ground lift in between).

    It works fine like this in my setup, but I never use it anyways, so if you're interested and can live with my mods, then I could sell you mine.


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    Hi,  thanks for your offer.

    I was indeed planning to use triggers and audio at the same time in a studio jam setting so it's good you mention that problem.

    Can you elaborate on the fact that you don't use it much even after solving the issue ?

    Anyway, you can shoot me a PM with an offer and we'll see if we can work out something ;-)
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