Next pattern mod request!

Hi! it would be amazing, in Brendans or stock firmware, to have a feature where pattern next played the new pattern for one measure then returned to the pattern from which it came.
Would be really cool for variations. At the moment, the next pattern feature takes you to a new pattern and leaves you there!


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    you can  *sort of* do this already. IIRC, if you set 'PCreset' in global to 'off' (when on, every pattern change will reset the "number of bars" count to zero), then the 'next' of a pattern will activate on every multiple of its 'repeat'

    so, for example - if you have pattern 1, next=1, repeat=0. Then pattern 2, next=1, repeat=3. the sequencer will stay on pattern 1, but if you change it to pattern 2, it will return to pattern 1 at every 4 bar interval.

    I think. Don't quote me on that - I don't use pattern chaining a whole lot :)

    Failing that, the sequencer will use MIDI program change messages 0-7 to change pattern, so you can use a master sequencer to do exactly what you want externally.
  • cool tip, i'll check it out,
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