Noise Click on contiguous step

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I'm playng a Sine deep bass sound with an LPF2 filter, no  LFO, no FM, no smpl layer.
If I play a pattern like xxBx xxBx xxBx xxBx all is ok and the bass sounds very low, powerful and deep
If I play a pattern like xBBx xxBx xBBx xxBx my LXR produces a very annoying click noise on the second step when it is contigous to the previous.

Can this problem be solved in any way? 

(I'm running the last brendan fw)


  • this is likely the oscillator resetting. the oscillators of each voice reset on each retrigger. this has the advantage of producing sounds that have a consistent, snappier transient, because the oscillator is always at the same phase position, with the disadvantage that you are experiencing.

    A lot of people have been asking for the option to switch the oscillator reset off, but there is no easy fix for this that wouldn't change the sound of the LXR as it is now.

    There are a few workarounds to get rid of this in the existing architecture, but the method will depend on what sound you're trying to accomplish. For example, you can:
    - automate the decay on the earlier kick so that the envelope is shorter
    - automate the phase offset of the second kick so that it lines up with the end of the first.
    - use a one-shot LFO to manipulate a parameter on the decay end of the first kick instead of triggering a second kick
    -use a second drum voice

    Oh I should mention - in my FW, if the velocity of a trigger is '0', it does not trigger the note, it only processes the automation. One thing I like to do is increase the decay of a kick a short while after it has triggered, and pitch it up a little bit. This gives a nice sub 'oomph' in between kick sounds.

    Oh, which gives me an idea - maybe I can put in another automation parameter that sets the 'envelope position'. Then you could just set the envelope back to 0 instead of retriggering. got to think about that... :)
  • Just a note that my FW has a workaround for this. You can now automate just the envelopes, so, simple version -  if you set the velocity of that second step = 0, and set "Veloc EGPosition"=1, the kick shouldn't click on the second trigger anymore.
  • I will try this! great idea, thanks
  • Works great for me! Thanks!
  • Hi all and Hi Brendan . I'm on the last ( o.37 bc) Firmware from your website, thanks for it by the way :) . i'm using drum 3 as a synth bass in some patterns and i get the same audio clicks problem on contigus step . i did manage with routing mod to aeg decay and shorten it on the "first step" before click . I would like to try the routine that you describe with

    "You can now automate just the envelopes, so, simple version - if you set the velocity of that second step = 0, and set "Veloc EGPosition"=1, the kick shouldn't click on the second trigger anymore."

    but I can't just find the automation destination "Veloc EGPosition " , I find the list below

    AutDst 1 Voice 3 (or any voices)

    Mod EG Decay then another
    Veloc EGSlope

    I don't find it also in the mod destination list.

    so I can't understand the exact routine to prevent clicking with the step automation...

    If anyone can tell me the good parameter to automate or the full step by step routine
    (mod destination to eg Decay ? , velocity to 0 on second step ?

    it could be very helpful
    Thanks and have a nice day.

  • hello it seems that i have to use the FIRMWARE-BETA to get that new feature of envelope position... Thank you for your work i will stay on the stable fw version to get it on a gig very soon

    Hope you'll be back very soon you made something fantastic with this machine.


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