Experience w/ Single Cycle Waves on the LXR

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Just to get this out of the way I'm using Brendan Clarke's latest firmware if this makes a difference to anyone.

I thought it might be interesting to add some new waveforms to the LXR via single cycle waves. So far I've come to find the LXR doesn't like them very much. I know this is not the intended use but why not try?

First things first. Make sure you have the correct bit rate. I had some of the AKFW SCW and they are 32 bit float. The LXR just freezes on loading the samples.

I also discovered that the LXR does not like when I load close to 100 waves (2kb each @ 600 samples for a total of 124kb). Again it would hang and freeze. I restarted and the samples showed up but they sounded like garbled noise. (I later discovered this is what they sound like until after the LXR has been on for a minute or so)

I then decided to go with one sample choosing a sampled waveform from the Ensoniq SQ80 at 16 bit mono 44.1. No freezing or waiting. Just worked.

Again I had the garbled sound for a bit. Then it started to work but with weird looping issues similar to what some people have described on this forum. Still sounded cool.

Since there's no looping I used an old school "time stretching" sampler sequence trick for scanning your waveform by adjusting the start position and added a ton of trigs and pitched the trigs accordingly. Moving the BPM up and down created some cool effects. Not sure what I did but at some point the track went silent and I only got a faint click sound in the left channel (everything was running center pan from ST1). The other tracks worked fine but this track would not sound anymore no matter what Wav I chose for the oscillator.

I restarted. Attempted the same "trick" but now the waveform does not pitch up or down when modulating the Osc Coarse. It sounds more like sweeping PWM than anything (it's a saw wave if you're wondering so definitely weird)

I also noticed that if I switched to a blank pattern using performance mode and switched back that the Osc waveform would change back to Sin. Weird quirk.

Anyways just thought I'd post and let you all know my experience. I would love to here from anyone who has tried this or have an explanation as to why the LXR is reacting this way.

So I remembered working with my EMU Ultra sampler and that it also did not like single cycle waves in their purest form. It needed a copy of the the wave form 3 times. I rendered a random AKFW waveform in multiples of 3 and sure enough it worked. You can get some interesting sounds with it. Adding the ability to loop samples making them act more like an oscillator would be a great addition to this already incredible machine.


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  • oh, very much so - I did give this a try in the firmware a while back. I got the samples to loop, but there was a significant delay between the end of the sample and the next beginning. I think they need to be loaded into core-coupled memory for this to work the way it should, but I need to read up more on what that involves before I try it, and I just don't have time to take that on at the moment. I will get around to it eventually if nobody else takes it on before then!
  • thanks brendanclarke for answering. look forward to your future update :) in the meanwhile i've found these errors provide happy mistakes at time so i'll go with that.
  • Kinda late and not on topic but I've made whole AKWF collection ready for E-MU Ultra :)>-

  • Thanks man, my 6400 will love it...on to work ! 

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