Sonic potions sequencer (please)

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Yo. I still find it hard to come to terms with how good the LXR sequencer is. Would there ever be the possibility of a standalone midi/cv sequencer, maybe with some of Brendan's input and the community here. I honestly can't find another sequencer that includes my hit list of, parameter locks, variable step length, trigger-less automation, instant pattern switching, per voice rolls, per voice pattern switching, instant pattern switching and finally PROBABILITY! Step probability is one of the most natural ways to make a 16 step pattern interesting, why does no one else do it??
So yeah, please make a sequencer


  • Yeah, could be good. Though not sure whether it'd be viable in competition with the regular LXR (+ triggers).
  • I'd like it if it was crazy with the midi too.
    I love the Cirklon, but that's serious dough.
    Still got a major crush on the LXR though
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    what i like about the sequencer are the substeps and the pattern chaining. easy to drop some hits on totally surprising positions in the beat to bring in a glitchy feel.

    also a fan of probability, though in my case it really seems to be arbitrary what probability values between 1-126 produce, max and min values work as expected. i didnt see a mention of an exp. curve related to the probability, but that would make sense regarding how it works in my case..

    what i dont like is that at least in my firmware version the patterns in the chain sometimes skip the 'next'-parameter, as in a bug that messes up the order. gotta update i guess to see if that's been dealt with.

    partly off topic:
    what i also dont like (a more general gripe about the machine) is the overall fiddliness. maybe its something personal but changing the mode between editing the pattern chain or sound, how the active pattern for editing is chosen (and shown) are a real hindrance. even with relative routine in using the machine (2-3 times a week) i forget that, but i work with 500hp modular + tanzbär + dominion 1 + some effects, so it might be a case of distractedness. share your feelz.

    i wish the machine was 2cm longer to accommodate dedicated pattern-buttons for quick sequencing of up to 8 different patterns. i mean, that would REALLY change my game.

    back to topic:
    so if a standalone sequencer should come out i would prob jump on it if it had a way to not switch modes to chain many different patterns.
  • Have you looked at the Squarp Pyramid?
  • Sounds like it's time for the OP to build a Midibox.
  • @mongrol agreed! That's the right kind of spec for a sequencer!
  • Well the LXR firmware is open source, we just need somebody who will take that firmware and fork it into a standalone sequencer :)

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