roll function inaccurate?

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have trouble with the accuracy of the roll function (See video below).

I switched back from Brandon's custom firmware to the stock firmware to see if the roll timing is tighter but it's the same. I even used only the trigger outputs to see if it's just an internal synth thing but the timing of the rolls is slightly delayed even on the trigger outs going to my modulars. I made a video to document this:

Does anyone else have that issue? I even removed all the samples to free up memory but that didn't help. 

Thank you everyone!



  • i have rolls that sometimes trigger on the step, sometimes on a substep. really not what i'd expect since hitting an 1/8th step at 135 bpm is... ...hard, and sounds bad when it doesnt work.

    it might be this, or something else is going on, but this is what i told myself the last time i tried to use the rolls.
  • The timing of when you hit does not seem to influence how accurately the rolls are. I just tried again. You hear it best under 100 bpm. Flams all over. I guess doing everything in double time would tighten the rolls up but it's a clumsy workaround. 
  • Sounds like a problem I stumbled upon. Are you using external clock?
    To me, it appeared when I had my LXR synced to another clock (computer) with a bit of latency. The rolls would be slightly delayed, probably because they would use the internal clock of the LXR while the whole unit was running slightly delayed. 
    Correcting the latency on the main clock resolved this problem for me.
  • I tried external clock and internal clock. The rolls are behind even in standalone internal clock operation. Makes that feature a bit risky at slow tempos. Unless a little chaos is desired ;). I hope there will be a fix in the future.
  • Does the step quantize have an effect? I was having trouble with this as well and lowered the quantization down to 1/8 for 1/8 rolls. It seems to work better now but I'm not sure that it's not that I'm just better at hitting it in time.
  • That helps but it still flams sadly. I am thinking the voice chip can only play one note per voice. So the sequencer has to make a slight space between the notes if the programmed drum note hits at the same time as a roll trigger. Could be...Thanks for checking it out and chiming in...
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