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I don't know if my buttons came from a bad batch or if the quality isn't just that good?
On my LXR, several button failed (I'm not a "hard pusher", always take care for pushbuttons and potentiometers when playing)
On some, I have to press quite hard to get them to work (same on my Ambika which uses the same buttons)

Are there the same buttons available from another manufacturer perhaps?
what are your experiences with these buttons?

I'm going to replace quite a lot but would really love some of better quality

any tips, ideas, thoughts?


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    Yes, this is common issue, as the buttons are from an different manufacturer than the switches. Most of us overcome this with a bit of blue tack or bits of Tesa powerstripas or stuff like that. With some buttons i had success by squashing the inlaying pieces with pliers...it depends o the manufacturing delta.
  • what I meant was the mechanical side of the switches. Contact problems. Have to push very hard to get contact. But my switches aren't that old or used that much. 
  • I had that problem with the start stop button and exchanged it with the red record button! It still worked but for fast starting it was a mess, whilst the record function doesn't need to be that quick ; )
  • I'm having the problem of the switch caps not actually fitting through the holes in the enclosure I bought - I've not actually attached them to the switches - the diameter of the caps is just too wide (or the diameter of the holes is too narrow) so I'm on a pursuit to find slightly narrower caps which will fit on those tactile switches. 

    I've been searching and I'm having a woeful time, so if anybody has any ideas? Or I could just kinda sand the caps down by half a mm, but you know... fuck that.
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