PLEASE HELP with saving the "MIX page" LXR settings (FW: v.37 -BrendanClarke-)

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Hi there!

This is my 1st post here. Been reading up quite a bit though while building my first LXR. It's been a great experience and I enjoy the sound of the machine very much. 

That said, I just can't wrap my mind around saving settings under the MIX PAGE. Perhaps there's a way to do what I am trying to accomplish, but I don't se it yet?

My goal is to use LXR as a drum module in a live situation, but without having to set up following parameters every time i turn the LXR on/off or change kits. 

My issue is being unable to permanently store the following settings found under the "MIX page":
-sound outputs (so that my kick is output on, say, L1, snare on R1, clap on L2, etc...)
-notes (so that kick is always on, say C0, snare on E0, etc..)

Is there a way to permanently SAVE these settings so that any KIT can be loaded without them being changed?

If yes, please be so kind as to offer a step-by-step saving procedure.



  • Have you tried to save your kit using 'all' in the save menu?
    This should also store I/O routings.
  • I will try that and will report back! 
  • Moebius, thank you so much! Your kind suggestion seems to have moved the issue in the right direction!

    I have successfully saved my settings under a KIT, using "ALL" save function, and now I can access those setting by loading a kit.

    However, after I chose another (existing) KIT, I had to once again manually change both the MIDI note and the output settings of each part to a desired state. 

    Is there such thing as "GLOBAL SETTING" so that no matter which existing kit I load, the MIDI notes and output assignments remain?

  • There is a global settiing! I think it is called "setting" in the save menu. But I fear that midi notes are not included, because they belong to the patch.
    I switched to the type "all" completely and save everything in this format, which works for me.
    I am not shure about the other types like "pattern". Maybe you could try that.
    But have in mind that the type "all" always overrides all parameters.
    I hope this helps!
  • great, thanks! you're right about "settings" not saving notes and outputs, but this is good enough!
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