New modules

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Hi all, was just wondering if anyone knows an ETA of the new Eurorack modules?

I think, it will be pretty cool stuff;)



  • Any news on the modules? :)

  • I'm eagerly awaiting the frontpanels.
    I had some quality issues with the last company.
    found a new one where the panels look absolutely gorgeous, but so far I only received the samples, then they had trouble with the printing machine. yada yada yada... still no panels. should have arrived a month ago... bummer.

    I have the first 10 production malaclypse prototypes here and they look and work good now (after the pots were all bend on the initial assembly :( )

    So it's slowly going forward, but it's a prime example for murphys law until the whole production thing is set up. Kits are easier ;)

  • I finally got proper, flawless new panels from the new manufacturer, so I just got to wait for the final delivery and have the PCBs assembled.

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