Chromatic Playing
  • So there I was watching a Tonal video of the LXR on youtube and thinking, "I wonder if I can make my Midibox translate note's into CC's to drive a voice course OSC". So I set my bass drum to it's own channel (Brendan's firmware), set the note to "Any" to make it easier then attached a CC track in the midibox. Before I tried to do any transposing on the midibox I "tinkled" the keys" and instantly I'm getting chromatic notes out the LXR. It plays perfect pitch too! This'll make it so much easier to bang out beats on my piano and also using all teh awesome Midibox midi FX.

    Great work BC!
  • I lik to do o too, but isn't the 'any' function also on the original firmware?
    Anyways it's good to do songs on the LXR!

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