Updating firmware
  • I'm new to lxr and to sample based synthesis. I would like to update my version of.34 to .37. Does it require aspecifictype of reader? Or is it USB to USB type of updating. In really new to this. Thank you
  • You just need a way to get the firmware file onto your FAT32 SD card, then it's as simple as holding the encoder while powering up the device.

    From the Manual (http://www.sonic-potions.com/public/SonicPotions_LXR_OwnersManual.pdf)

    8 Firmware update 

    Firmware for both the front AVR and the Cortex-M4 can be updated using the SD-card.

    8.1 Update procedure 
    • Make sure your SD card is using FAT32! Otherwise you will get a “Firmware error” message,
    as the bootloader can only read FAT32 filesystems. 
    • Copy the 'FIRMWARE.BIN' file to the SD cards root directory. 
    • Insert the card into the turned off LXR. 
    • Push and hold the encoder, then turn on the synthesizer.
    The synth will boot in firmware update mode. The screen will show
    Bootloader v1.1 

    If a firmware image is found on the SD card, the firmware of the AVR will be updated first
  • What encoder should be "pushed and hold" exactly ? It never upload for me and I really want to try the OWL Firmware.
  • there's only one encoder you can push. the one next to the display.

    make sure the .bin firmware is in the root.
  • Ok thank you. I am still experiencing some bugs using this firmware, mostly about synthesis.
  • what bugs are those?

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