The LXR doing an TR-808 interpretation

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After I recently sold my Monomachine I decided to give the LXR a go again. First things first, I need to create a bunch of kits that I can actually use in my own music. Here is a short demo of my first little project. An 808 kit that tries to resemble the Roland TR-808. Check it out. No EQ or effects except for some slight compression was added this sequence. 



  • sounds really warm and fat. i like it!
    any plans to share the kit?
  • I'm working on a bunch of 808 sets so if I feel they're good enough I'll share them.
    To be continued.. 
  • this sounds really really good (to my ears, at least)
  • I did something similar for the 606. I borrowed one from a friend and tried to make a kit with a similar feel. Here are back to back clips; the first is the LXR, second the 606. The levels are pretty low.

  • Here's another one. Recorded in one take.

  • Another beat where I'm trying out the Clav and also some slight distortion on the Kick.

  • Really really good!!

    Which are samples and what are synthesis?

    (tar gärna en kopia när du är klar med kitet) ;-)
  • Thanks!

    Synthesis: Bass drum, clave, toms
    Sample: Open hihat, closed hihat, clap, cymbal/ride/maracas
    Sample / Synthesis combination: Snare (uses noise for longer snares)

  • oh please man, share this beautiful kit!
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    oh please man, share this beautiful kit!
    Since i'm really lazy, i'm interested in this kit aswell.
  • +1

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  • I'm on it. There are some problems with the kick that I need to fix first, and also I'm building a TTSH at the moment which basically takes up all of my free time.
  • I made a 808/909 techno kit as well just for good measure. Almost done now..

  • Would u pleaae please share it with us ?
  • hey man... come on, please share it with us! :) :) :) 
  • Here you go. Knock yourselves out.. ;)

  • What they sound like..

  • The response is overwhelming.. ;)
  • Thanks for sharing this, I will give it a try asap !
  • I have not tested it yet, especially because they are sample based and I fear that replacing my current samples by these will mess up my presets, but I will surely give it a try as soon as possible, maybe with a spare sd card dedicated to the recreation of these drum machine. 
    But I must say that it sounds amazing from the snippet you posted, I am especially interested in playing with those classical sound with the LXR synthesis capability (FM on a 909 cymbal sounds lovely).

    Thanks you very much!
  • Nice work! The claps are especially good. I had a couple of issues to start with, but reloading the samples seems to have sorted it out. Thanks.
  • Glad you guys like it.  :)
  • I'd love to give them a go, but currently the RE-303 CPU is keeping me super busy. Soundcloud demo sounds great though!
  • These kits sound great!! Thanks @bjornf.

  • Thanks for the feedback. :)
    Don't forget to post all the tracks you make with this patch set.
  • Thanks for sharing, will have to try this, the soundcloud demo sounded really good :)
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    Nevermind! Figured it out!
  • The instructions are included in a text-file when you download the patches.
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    @bjornf said:
    The instructions are included in a text-file when you download the patches.

    Hi Björn! Followed the instructions but I cant find the [samples] when trying to load. Bootloader 1.2 and tried with both brendans 0.37 and stock 0.37 firmware

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