NEXT pattern bug in official firmware
  • Hi,

    Has anyone experienced this bug ? :

    You have LXR in sync as slave to pc, mac elektron whatever, you reach last pattern 8, now you have to load next project , you want to do it whit out stopping LXR, you do it, and now new project is loaded and it goes from pattern 8 to pattern 1 , because pattern 8 in new project is chained with pattern 1 , and you did not do it , it is a bug.
     Please if anyone know how to fix this or workaround let me know. 

  • hautlle said:

    OK. So it is there in original - official Firmware. But will Julian fix it ? Is there an answer in your replay I do not see ?? If so, sorry about that, can you point it out please ?
  • There's no answers. They just know it's messed up.
  • Haha ok. But shouldn't we get an answer for the official firmware. Like "it is going to be fixed" or at least "no, it is impossible to fix it ", just to be clear on that.
    So there is no workaround ?

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