Penrose glitching between two notes
  • I have four penrose quantizers and I love them!

    One small annoyance is that sometimes they seem undecided between two notes and glitch bank and forth as fast as they can. It can be fixed by supplying a trigger in.

    Any idea if this could be addressed in the firmware? I could try my hands on this myself (already hacked it for better input scaling), any hints on where to look?

    Actually I seem to remember a patch for this somewhere, but now I can't find it, so it might be something I dreamed up☺️

    Any input appreciated!
  • Which FW version do you use ? The first revision had a bug like this which has been fixed in the following revision.
  • There was this thread with 1-2 different patches for hysteresis: Penrose Erratic Quantization

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