• Awesome! 

    Presumably in addition to live control, you could use this to input parameter changes into the two sequencer automation tracks, is that correct?

    What do you think you'll charge for your PCB, and where would they ship from?
  • It's not my PCB, info is in the link below the video
  • Nice case by the way!
  • soooo sexy!
    I want this:-D
    great work
  • I don't see any information about how to purchase or get files to route your own PCB, and there's no way to leave comments on BARCODE's site.

    If anyone has any information on it, please post here, thanks!
  • Thanks, Altitude, and sorry for the confusion!

    The final PCB board is currently sold out, so I'm going to try my luck with a prototype board.
  • This controller looks awesome. It's there schematics available, I'm thinking of building my own in different size?
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    This controller looks awesome. It's there schematics available, I'm thinking of building my own in different size?
    You could try the "Contact Us" for on the site. Also...

    NOTE to anyone planning to build this controller: The right-angle female MIDI (5-pin DIN) jack specified in the BoM (Kobiconn 161-0504-E) is no longer available on Mouser and for the "possible replacement" listed on, you need to buy at least 1,000!

    Unfortunately, all the other right-angle female 5-pin DIN jacks on Mouser have different board mount configurations, so they won't work on the PCB, and I cannot find anyone else selling that Kobiconn jack in small quantities.

    However, I think I have found a suitable replacement with the correct mount configuration made by another manufacturer, 4UCON (part #05138) which is available from here.

    I post here again to confirm if the 4UCON MIDI jack works after I receive the order from Sparkfun.
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    People from germany can also order some MIDI Jacks at! These are the same as the ones in the LXR BOM and fitting for the control surface as well :)
  • So Matt, aka BARCODE, let me know that there is a much cheaper substitute for the MIDI jack with the correct mounting pin configuration from Tayda electronics, which can be ordered here.
  • Have tried to make contact on the barcode website but so far no response. Think it won't be too hard to do some reverse engineering but it would be nice to know that i do it right.
  • Holy moly, what is that case you have the LXR in??
  • ^
    FPE case I designed.  The amount of text and graphics made this type of case cost prohibitive but now that they do full color printing, game on.
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