LXR - No quantization buffer for live-recording?

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Hi all,

I just got a second-hand LXR a couple weeks ago, and after learning the basics, I am now trying to build patterns using external MIDI controllers to do live recording of gate/steps, velocity, and note/pitch. However, I have noticed a very annoying behavior related to recording with quantization enabled.

What happens is, while the LXR is in record mode, as I am hitting notes on any midi controller, some of the hits played by the LXR are immediately doubled up like flams, but when the track repeats what I've just recorded, only a single hit is played at that step.

I have ruled out MIDI note echo, and any other common causes of doubled note hits, and realized that it's because the LXR is immediately quantizing my live-recorded MIDI note input. So in other words, if my timing of a note hit is lagging just a bit, the LXR corrects it by moving it ahead to the next quantized step based on the selected quantization grid setting.

Note that the note-doubling does not occur if I'm not in record mode, and also it doesn't happen when quantization is turned off - but that's not useful because I want the notes I'm playing to be quantized.

This makes the use of external MIDI controllers no fun for building patterns during performances because it sounds as though loads of mistakes are being made. In general, it's just really annoying, because the notes/hits that play out don't match what I'm hitting on my MIDI controller.

In fact, I think it doesn't matter if you're using an external MIDI controller, because I experienced the same behavior when I did live recording in Performance mode with Manual Roll set to "one".

Other sequencers and drum machines I've used don't exhibit this behavior because live-recorded note input is output exactly as played the first time but the notes input are buffered and quantized for all subsequent repeats of that particular pattern.

Is there any way to get LXR to buffer MIDI control input (or performance mode input) so that it's not quantized until the next repeat of the pattern?
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