Dev board as a mainboard?

Hello everyone!

I'd love to build an "all protoboard" version of the lxr, but I had some doubts regarding the mainboard.
The idea was to use a cheap stm32f407 development board to avoid smd soldering,
but I noticed a few differences between the mainboard schematic available on the assembly instructions page and the new version of the board.
I was wondering if someone knew it was the same board without the ADC or if there were more changes..
Is the new schematic available anywhere here?

I found on ebay some cheap dev board (10bucks) that already offer usb connection, sd slot and 8Mhz crystal.. it would only be a matter of adding the dacs!
Another doubt on the chip: stm32f407vet6 has 512KB of flash instead of 1MB (vgt6 version), would it be enough or should I search only for the vgt6?

Thank you all in advance!!


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