HTML5 LXR Controller
  • Hi,


    I made this one while back to tweak and explore possibilities of my LXR. 
    It's basically all parameters mapped to knobs (think virtual 60knobs, but all params). It is nothing fancy, just website sending CC and NRPN parameters through webMIDI interface. 
    Right now it's hard coded to open port called "Sonic Potions USB MIDI" on page load, so it should connect to your USB connected LXR right away. Only limitation are browsers currently supporting webMIDI. Good thing is knobs are touch enabled, so if you have touchscreen, you can start tweaking with your fingers.
    So far there is not much functionality:

    • Right click on parameter to put it into randomize group.
    • Double click parameter to disable randomizing all together (which is essential especially on volume parameter, ehm...) 
    • Click on voice name in left top corner to collapse parameters.

    Rest of the stuff is pretty self explanatory.

    I made it as Electron app, but this seems to be more convenient for other people to use and Electron apps tends to be quite big for distribution (more then 60mb zipped) 

    I have a lot of ideas in head what to improve, but first, I'd like to know your opinion

  • wow! thank you... I'm going to try it on my samsung tablet..

    Inviato dal mio SM-G930F utilizzando Tapatalk

  • It is a great advance; I congratulate you. It is not easy to invest time.

    Apparently the interface looks quite attractive. Now if it works from regular to good, I double my congratulations.


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