New DIY module available and some other news

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I finally finsihed the Mal-2 kits and they are now in the shop.
A few demos to explain the module a bit more will follow shortly.


I also reworked the whole website to plain html, fixed the newsletter, migrated all build guides to PDF and installed a new shop system.
Let's hope it all works.

The first batch of the RE-303 CPU should arrive this week, too :)
If you have not heard about it yet, Paul from DinSync made an exact 303 replica and I did the CPU handling the sequencer.

Feels good to finally get things going again!


  • Cool. Bought the Mal-2 this morning!
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    does the mal-2's frequency extend into audio range, and does its rate cv input track v/oct?
  • The frequency range is selectable by a jumper.
    You either get suuuper slow cycle times down to 10 minutes, but no real usable audio range, or not so slow cycle times but noise up to audio range. No v/oct tracking. The module is not usable as a classic white noise source, since the random output is interpolated. Main intention is generating random CVs. Nonetheless it makes some interesting noises in audio range. I'll have another look at the source, maybe v/oct could be added.

    I'll upload a video demo over the next days that should clear things up, but I was helping at the local repair cafe over the weekend that kept me busy.
  • cool, looking forward to seeing and hearing that video!

    sounds like v/oct might indeed be a useful addition.
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