Considering an LXR, a few questions...

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Hi All,

new here. I just came across the LXR as i was looking for a "groove box". I was considering a used Quasimidi 309 or Yamaha RM1x. I don't have previous experience with these as have used Logic mostly but am looking for something with a bit more immediate/jamming feel and connect to my other synth. So my questions are, how does the LXR compare (if at all?). Also, does it have a bass synth? I listened top a few demos that had some bass sounds but notice that all instruments seem to be drum based. Or is the drum synth used to generate the bass sounds heard in the demos?



  • It can do bass sounds yes, it's not just noise-based, it has a number of waveforms + it can also import samples (which could be anything, drums, piano, bass).. 

    Afaik, it can even record you playing the notes on an external synth connected to its MIDI In, didnt try it yet (just got it).

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