LXR stops during playpack, shuts down, display off, etc...

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hey there. 
my lxr worked fine for several months, all of a sudden i´m getting all these problems: 
either the LXR stops in the middle of playback and i have to reboot - or it doesnt stop, continues to play back music, but all the lights are out and i cant do nothing til again rebooting...the display is either just black, or like the attached picture, showing a few cryptic characters. 

also tried to update the firmware recently (original and bc) - with the original firmware i´m getting a static cryptic display after (success..please) rebooting, see attached pic with lot´s of characters in it..cant get it back to the old working state. tried all sorts of sd cards. so now it doesnt work at all :D

a friend of mine has the exact same problems, not as often as i do, but still..
the classic part of course is - if have to show someone, that it doesnt work properly, it plays for hours. 
last week during rehearsals and on stage - it stopped after two minutes, the it worked for a solid hour, then again crashed 5 times within 20 minutes. 
also deleted all LFO mods, i remember reading something about that, didnt help. 

highly frustrating.   
help pls!!


  • Did you try this firmware image of version 0.37? Klick
    Got the same problem when switching from bc to the factory firmware but with 0.37 everything works just fine again
  • kind of same here lately. any idea? it's playing as normal, suddenly all control is lost, leds go blind, but the music keeps playing. need to turn it on/off. it was working fine until recently. Brendan Clarke fw.

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