Please help with lxr build i'm totally blind in the UK kind regards Trey

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Hi everyone, I hope you're all well. My name is Trey i'm totally blind from the UK, Some of you may have run into me on here before :-) After much deliberation I have finally decided that I would like an lxr drum machine. However because I'm totally blind I'm unable to build one myself however I am able to purchase the complete kit and enclosure, if I did this is there anybody in the UK that will be able to build it for me if I pay them? I tried to get hold of marmite audio last year But I was unable to reach them. If anybody can help me with this matter That would be wicked kind regards trey. Ps I know the lxr has some menus and I'm not deterred by this fact Again if you could help that would be great thanks in advance trey.


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