I've just bought a pre-owned sonic potions lxr need help please.

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  • hi all, I've just bought my self a sonic potions lxr drum machine second hand.

    I've red the manual but from reeding it I still can't figure out how to do the following:
    clear all data in a sequencer patten.
    hear the sound of a dream voice before I decide to use it in a patten.
    decide how many bars long I want a patten to be and move thru the bars to edit them.

    if any one could help me out with any of this that would be grate! thanks in advance kind regards trey.
  • Hi,
    For the Copy/Clear function: Clear_sequencer_data
    Just press SHIFT+COPY and turn the encoder for selecting "Track", "Pattern", "Automation 1" or "Automation 2" and press the encoder.
    You can't hear the sound without placing a step (no hear function). Place one or more step and press play. You can mute the other track if needed.
    If you need more than 16 step, you need to use chain pattern in perf mode

    Last, read the manual. Next, read the manual another time, use it, read the manual, use it ;)
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