Help please!! "step parameter menu"

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I'm new here. Just built my LXR and now going through the manual. Please can someone help with the following:
In the manual it states...
"Edit automation using the step edit menu
The automation data can also be edited manually.
Go to the step parameter menu. (voice mode: shift + step button) use the encoder to scroll to page 2 there you will see:
p1d p1v p2d"
Now I've tried everything I can think of but I can't get to see this on the display.
Could some kind person please tell me the exact button presses to get to see this. Many thanks.


  • I've just realised I was being stupid. I thought I was supposed to see exactly those characters on the display. It's actually "DST val dst val" not "p1d p1v" etc. Back in my box!
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