First synthesizer - companion for the LXR

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So I just received my LXR with the trigger output and am in the process of building it.

What I need next is a good synthesizer so my LXR isnt all alone.

I plan to do most production in Ableton so midi is a must. Im looking for something capable and, big plus if its a DIY kit!

Four house I'm aiming for these kinds of sounds:

And for techno:

What I'm thinking of at the moment:

*Shruti XT
*Arturia microbrute
*Bass station 2
*Waldorf rocket
*x0xb0x or the RE303 (just for the acid vibes)

Any suggestions? I also found an old Akai LPD8 and an Akai MPK Mini as well as a full size midi keyboard so if you have any suggestions for something fun I could do with these in the form of plugins I'd be happy too 


  • rocket seems a bit boring to me. A shruthi is great for bass and leads (monophonic) and beats the rocket in every aspect. And it's easy to build.

    xoxbox vs RE - I have both. Xox is way cheaper, and I'd say gets to the original sound about 80-90%. RE is as close as you can get to a 303, but much more expensive to build. I never tried something else than sockOs, but I heard the other OS versions are more fun and closer to the original 303.

    I can't say much about the others since I only know them from the internet.
    But I guess since a lot of your examples are polyphonic, something like the micromonsta or preen might be suited.

  • the other question is what you will use the synth for.
    Do you plan to use VSTs together with it? multitrack recording? or are you looking for something to make multiple voices at once?

  • Thanks!

    Leaning towards the Shurit and bass station 2 since it looks damn tasty and seems to be a pretty good all around synth with loads of hands on control. I think an x0xb0x or RE303 might be too expansive for right now, might settle for a cheap MB33 retro or continue using AudioRealism ABL3 in Ableton.

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