Calling Bendan!

Hi! Have you finished your PHD, if so how did it go?
Will you be up for looking at the LXR alternative firmware again?
1st request for me would be looking at the pattern switching bug if possible.
It will be good to have you back!
As some kind of bribe here's a video of my setup with the LXR using the BC alternative OS;



  • Hi all ... Hi Lazen and Brendan !

    I've also some questions about save and load. in the 0.37 BC

    Can you tell me if I got it fully ?

    • Save Kit : Saves only Kit , and mixer values , but no MIDI channels out ?

    • Save Pattern : Saves 8 patterns , and tweaks like pattern scale function SCA x2 x4 etc... ?

    • Save Perform : Save Kit , patterns, and PERF options ( pattern chain, macro, roll, shuflle, etc.. ? )

    • Save ALL : save Perform and Global Settings (tempo, midi RXF TXF etc.. ) ?

    as I want to be sure i save every project under its name : it means 4 savings to get kit, pattern, perform and all ... everything fine ?

    But Is it enough to load only the ALL file and recall a full "song" ?

    Other questions if I use external samples : I save a Kit using samples ... at next startup when I load the samples, will the kit load properly or do I have to assign them again ?

    And one more : Is there a way to save and load the mute status of the 7 tracks ? is this in PERF file or only in ALL file ?

    Thank you for your help i'm beggining with this fantastic drum machine and I have a gig really soon :)

  • Bump I meant Brendan!

  • Hi calcaire, maybe you should start your own treat.
    I have the same question as you b.t.w..: confused with the save/load system. ..
    Good luck!

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