lxr drags when synced

hi there, im probably really just overlooking something obvious here (got the lxr used yesterday)

first the chaselight didnt run in standalone (solved by setting bpm to 0)

next i tried a session with some friends me and another one using ableton. when syncing from the lxrs midi out the other devices would run out of time quickly. same thing with the lxr as slave.
when syncing from my interface i was able to sync everyone else, but the lxr did not start playing when starting transport in ableton like with all others. when i hit play it would start but im not able to hit the button so neatly on the point that there is no overlap of the transports...
later i came across the midi filter section and switched those to all. now the lxrs transport starts along with that of ableton when it recieves midi via usb, so it seems to recieve start/stop messages. only..... it dargs! :(
it is maybe a qurtersecond delay so entirely unusable with other attacky instruments.
i found thi ssection in the manual : http://wiki.sonic-potions.com/index.php/LXR_Owners_Manual#MTC_sync
unfortunately this does not really tell me anything... (if this is of any relevance)

so does anybody have an idea?


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    Is the latency caused by your audio interface perhaps and not actually MIDI latency but audio latency coming back into the PC?

    Any latency w/ other external hardware?

  • no latency w other hard synths - then they would at least be in time with each other...

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