Load "All" destroy a second "All"?


i ve got a problem: stepping samples in the sequencer works fine. so did a variation of different drum kits (eg.: pitch, lfo, etc.). if i save in "ALL" mode, (same name one with capitalisation the other without - to compare if i load them) only the pattern chain with small letters exist. i never pressed "Save" - just load the both.

is this a bug?


  • edited June 2017

    after some load (10 min.) of the former different edits under menue "All" the both songs are gone...

  • i am using brendan's latest os.

    anyone with a tip??

  • don' know if it helps, I'm also with Brendan Latest OS .. but I save everything kit pattern perf and all for each project ... When loading .all it looks like everything is fine , but sometimes I see that theres no "title" on the load menu, no letters just a blank title ... I just go out from load menu and come back and everything appears fine

  • so you think there is a bug??

  • I've also got sometimes strange behaviours when loading all files... sometimes all my "snare" tracks are moved one substep forward !!! got to reload the individual pattern file to get it back ... lookd like all files are not so reliable ( makes me scared for my next week gig :)

  • hope all the best for your gig
    anyone who have a solution??

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