LXR does not send proper MIDI note to my synths

Hello all

Sorry but I can't find the answers on the forum.

It looks like I have a midi note problem. Kind of pitch offset. I'm sequencing some synth ( nord stage or mfb microzwerg) with the "DRUM 3" track sending 16 step sequence to the channel 3 on MIDI OUT . The synth does receive note, but plays for example a C when I'm sending a F ....
If I use an internal "synth bass" sound on this same LXR DRum 3 track ... With OSC Coarse on 63, i get the proper F note when sequencing a F step... But if I turn my external synth on this track, it will play a C .... Looks like a "midi note offset" somewhere

There is no transposition involved on the lxr sequencer.

I'm using 0.37 Brendan Clarke FWare .. Did i miss something, or Do I have only to detune my exgternal synth so that he corresponds to the note squenced by the LXR ( not very usefful :) ??

Thanks for your help and advices



  • I've also noticed another problem .. the external synths don't play every notes sequenced ... It doesn't follow the exact melody that I have sequenced ( forgetting octave shift or some notes change, staying on the same note)

    These two synth ( MFB and NOrdstage have always followed the midi notes sended , so it looks like a LXR problem )

    Any more hints ? Feel like forgetting something very simple about it . Cheers

  • after some tweaks it's look like note under C3 for the LXR are very far under what other synths can handle ..it's a matter of note naming .. after transpose manually all steps of my synth bass sequence one octave upper, evryhting was played fine by others synth...

    C3 for LXR would correspond at a low C1 on a regular keyboard... Hope it would help other noobs like me....

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