SD card not detected

I haven't used my LXR for a while and lost the SD card I originally used. So, I went out and got a new 16GB/class 10 SD card and loaded the image on to it. However, when I try to turn on my LXR with the new SD card inserted the display says "No SD card detected". The SD card is FAT32.

It used to work with the old SD card, and I haven't tinkered with the LXR since then. Could the SD card be incompatible somehow? Or do I need to check the soldering?


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    OK, I figured it out... the SD slot is busted. When I insert the SD card and push it upwards, it works just fine.

    I'd like to fix it it... does anyone know where to find a replacement part?

  • Looking at the main board picture it seems to be made by a company called TE. I couldn't find the part number on their site (seems to have been withdrawn). I have found this from RS components here in the UK...
    It looks pretty similar.

  • Thanks, I'll try that one.

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