CAN LXR Send Polyphonic Midi Sequences?

thinking of buying an LXR today. I just need one clarification from you guys... I´d like to sequence external drum machines with the LXR, therefore i´ll have to send polyphonic sequences to sequence vermona drm1.
Can the LXR programm and send polyphonic midi sequences?
Thanks a lot guys, i didnt find any information on this on the web.


  • Hi tronica, The LXR has 7 tracks, each of these tracks are monophonic I believe. but if you use the 7 tracks as sequencer tracks, they'll all send midi notes and sequences, resulting in one polyphonic (7 notes) sequence. I'm note sure i'm being clear, but if your plan is to sequence drum machines with the LXR (or monophonic synths) I believe it will work quite well.

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