FOR SALE - LXR + Erica Synths Metal Case + TRIGGER Expansion + PSU + SD

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Hi there

Looking to sell my LXR as I don't have the time to use it anymore. Also moving house so trying to get rid of stuff if I can.

I will start with the bad...


Some of the LED diffusers are missing. Purely aesthetical, doesn't affect how the unit works. The LEDs all work find just the little plastic inserts on the metal case are missing. You can buy these in bulk cheaply. Just never got around to it as it never bothered me.

Has the I/O expansions but I believe the TR7 output to be intermittent / faulty. Though this has never caused me an issue as I don't use it. All the other outputs work as they should. **

Other than that, all good. Everything works as it should. No scratches etc. Had a go on it yesterday to test etc and all plays well, (The thing sounds awesome as your all aware, kinda sad to see it go)

Sale contains:

LXR Drum Machine
Erica Synths Metal Enclosure
SD Card

Looking for ~£350 posted UK -- EU(May have additional costs)

Collection more than welcome. Cardiff City Centre. Can adjust price accordingly.


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